Module 1 – Education that creates a STIRRING - Module 1 is our only mandatory section of training

This 8 hour block of instruction is eye-opening and will create a stirring to action with your people. It features real cases and real examples of the vulnerabilities that exist for our children; when a child disappears; when a person is tricked and coerced into labor exploitation; and the slippery slope of sexual exploitation.

  • Lesson 1 – Modern Day Slavery – an overview of Human Trafficking
  • Lesson 2 – Tricks, Scheme’s and Lies that form Labor Trafficking
  • Lesson 3 – A Loss of Innocence – “Commercial Sexual Exploitation”
  • Lesson 4 – Understanding the issue – Supply and Demand

What’s needed for this training – A classroom setting audio visual capabilities

What’s Provided – 8 hours of training built around your availability; a vulnerability assessment of your local area; participant guides; a downloadable prayer guide for use prior to the training.

BONUS – at the same time of your scheduled training, we will contact and offer a free training session to area law enforcement and social service agencies to begin building the critical and necessary relationships for your new ministry.


Module 2 – Stirring the Church TO ACTION

Module 2 is our “PRIMER TO ACTION” – this module prepares and mobilizes your ministry to go to the streets to “REACH OUT” to the missing, vulnerable and exploited in your community. Here your ministry can choose any or all of the components to begin building your “Plan of Action.”

• Conducting strategic outreach to build relationships in at-risk communities. We give you “tested” models of designed outreaches – and – go into the field with you to accomplish one of the models.

• Conducting tactical outreach to identify potential human trafficking victims – We give you “tested” models of designed outreaches – and – go into the field with you to accomplish one of the models.

• Conducting online monitoring to report potential victimization – According to the FBI, predators today are more sophisticated and transient than ever before, largely due to the Internet. If you choose this ministry, we will teach you how to monitor the Internet websites used for trafficking, how to identify potential victims and the necessary information required to submit a report to law enforcement.

• Creating a Victim Advocacy ministry which provides necessary services for victims and their families – identifying the necessary services needed for victims and their families is an integral part to their healing and serves as a major benefit to law enforcement agencies.


Module 3 – Mobilizing a Response

Module 3 is for the deeply committed. This section involves sustained response in your local area and will require collaboration with your local and state law enforcement officials.

• Building a Missing Child Crisis Response Team – This section involves field training in search and rescue techniques and evidence handling. A missing child crisis response team calls for members willingness to hit the streets when alerted to a missing child

• Building an Intelligence Collection and Reporting Team – establishing a centralized group to field reports of potential human trafficking incidents and to provide the necessary research and data collection to form a report to law enforcement officials.